As Susie Sees Facebook

No doubt about it, social media has revolutionized the world. It plays a role in everyday life for most people in developed countries. It seems that if you are not on social media, you may be missing out.

Even my seventy-something year old mom, who swore for years that she had absolutely no interest in Facebook and was not going to participate, well, even she has caved-in. And, on more than one occasion, my dad has teased her about being “tied to her tablet.” While I believe that this teasing is just that – having fun, it does go deeper for me. Because in 2010 it was a “trigger” for me, I found that giving it up entirely was easier than signing-on moderately.

In hindsight, I see, it was more about FarmTown than anything. And no, not Farmville, I’m talking old school here – 2008.  I was hooked on my farm at FarmTown and thought it was great. And then one day, I found that it wasn’t.

Getting closer and closer to forty years of age back then in 2010, I had just made some serious life changes but still longed for more. So once again, I decided to stop smoking. The month was June, and probably when most people think I quit, but my last cigarette was not actually until September. In fact, tomorrow – September 24, 2016, marks the date when I can say it has been 6 years since I last smoked a cigarette. “Do you miss it?” is what most people want to ask. “Not a bit!” I assure them, “but I haven’t been back on Facebook much either.”

People who have never dealt with addiction themselves would not know what it is to experience a “trigger,” so if this sounds strange, count your lucky stars – Facebook, or FarmTown, was definitely a trigger for me. Until now, they have been one in the same, and the instant I signed-on I imagined a Marlboro Light in my left hand. Boy, I wanted one bad, every single time. So you know what I did? I got an iPhone and snuck around and smoked in secret. Sounds crazy, huh? Yeah, it was.

Finally, I was ready to stop the madness and said, “No more.” And no more Facebook.

During this time, more and more people are signing-up and logging-on and asking me, “Do you ever get on Facebook?” “Not really,” is what I say, “unless someone asks me to check something out,” which still holds true to this day. There were times when I felt I was missing much by being off of Facebook, stuff going on with friends, but then I got real with myself and remembered that I had a hard enough time keeping up with the people I saw everyday or talked to every week, not to mention the 140 friends I have on Facebook. Then there’s the time-sucking issue, that’s big for me too, but the biggest one of all is something I haven’t really talked about – the smoke-sucking issue.

What sucks more than being a smoker is wanting one when you are quitting. Somehow, in my mind, I equated this feeling with Facebook. Even a while after being free from the cigarette cravings, I would feel that horrible feeling at the sight of the site. For two years I did not sign-in, not one time. Slowly I have been easing back into it, training my brain to think differently, which has inspired me to research how we really can choose what we think and how we feel. Amazing stuff.

And thank you, mom, for encouraging me to get back on to share AVON. It really is a tool I can use to re-train my brain. I can be smoke-free and on Facebook, all while helping you and me embrace Beauty with a Purpose.

To all you quitters – hang in there – IT IS SO WORTH IT!!