As Susie Sees It


“As Susie sees what?”


“What is, it?”

“Depends on what your definition of it, is.”

“Exactly. So what is it?”

“Like the definition of is, it can also have many meanings.”


“Like Dave and Susie’s awesome Adventures, and things Susie has learned about Beauty, inside and out. The Cosmos encompasses much – cool stuff from NASA as well as photos from all around the world.

Decisions are discussed – how to make effective ones and how not making a decision, is, in effect, making a decision. This type of demeanor greatly affects Ego, and prone not to see this in self, Friends often spot the flaw. What these things have to do with God and our Health are discussed; various Influences are examined, like Jobs,  Kin, and Love. and what Motivation has to do with it all.

Living in the Now and seeking answers about Obsessions for which Psychology gives Questions is also discussed, like the most popular one to Dave – “How’d you get her?” Susie writes of this and two other questions she gets, one being – “What happened to Dave’s eye?”

In her newest endeavor, Ranching, Susie seeks to find a solution for both owls and developers, which coincides with the second most popular question she is ready to tackle – “What are you going to do with all this Stuff?”

Choosing Thoughts is another topic, as well us Up, Values, Weekends and Xenogenesis. 

And finally, Susie posts pictures from plenty of Yesterdays, some of them illustrating Zanies and showing some wild and crazy times.

These are the it’s as Susie sees them.