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Interested in ordering AVON?  You can shop at my eStore 24/7 from wherever you are, near or far – There you can browse the latest brochure as well as others and shop for outlet sales. Or, if you prefer, you can also order through me from the current brochure. To request a brochure, email me – To go to my Avon blog, click on the Avon link to see these options and more!


I make gift baskets for just about every occasion, some containing AVON and some not. I can also customize gift baskets to include only what you want.


Cats, cats, everywhere there’s cats, creeping out of the greenery, breaking Dave’s mind, eat this, don’t eat that, oh my, all the cats. To help with the stray, abandoned and feral cat population in the Canal Pine Acres neighborhood, a non-profit foundation, Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch Incorporated (LBR), has been created to help provide food and shelter for these animals.


LBR accepts donations of all kinds. Some of the donations we sell and others we give away to those in need of such items. If you are someone or know of someone in need of clothing or household items, please send me an email to … will get back to you on that.


Mine and Dave’s – explorations, excursions and expeditions


Stuff about friends.


Not only do I not have enough faith to be an atheist, but once I started studying the Greek and Hebrew with the original manuscripts of the bible, it finally makes total sense to me. It’s not what most people have been taught the bible says, so hold on, should you choose to go here.


GMO’s, the irony of the laws, and the like. Some about exercise. And we’ll see what else.

Impedimenta – Objects that impede or encumber. Clicking this link will open up a new tab and take you to the blog Boarder Hoarder at


This link will take you to a page that contains a description of what Dave and I do for our day jobs – Raffey Development & Remodeling, Inc. and Susie’s Write Solutions – and links to these websites.



Not in the mushy sense, but when it comes to stuff like mastering the art of patience and calling out fear for what it really is – false evidence appearing real.



Know any? They are exhausting, huh?



Need enough to get by yet too much makes friends say bye-bye. Oh, pride, fun stuff.


Questions you’ve always wanted to ask but didn’t.



I love taking pictures of scenery. This is sure to build up over time.


Choosing thoughts changes lives and I am living proof of this. For years I denounced the simplicity of such a notion, silly me!



Whether you are looking for volunteers for your organization or would like to volunteer at LBR, please send me an email expressing your interest –


I love taking pictures and video of the wildlife we come into contact with. Mostly that and maybe some stories about them is what you will find here.


Blog posts about old things discarded for new – things like behaviors, boyfriends and bothersome bugs.


Reminiscing and MyLIP – My Life In Pics.


Energetic, zany stuff.