Let No One be Left Behind

My previous post, Up One Rung, really started out to be about the following stuff. I decided the post was too long. So here is part two.

Having passed people-pleasing on the rung below me, I am now on a new rung. A new rung does present new challenges, however, I feel ready for this rung. For I saw this quality in myself some time ago and shared these thoughts with friends.

I shared with them how, ever since I was a little girl I wanted to save the world, yet my parents had to remind me twice a day to brush my teeth. I reminisced about friends who had “slipped into the trenches” and how, although my motive has been to help one out of one, after a while what I really found, was myself down in the trench with my friend. Not fully knowing how I wound up there or how to get out, one thing I did know – I could not just leave someone I care about, down in the trench.

And then, thank God, I had a great moment of growth.

Never before could I fathom the heartlessness required to be able to walk away from someone in the trench. Thank God I was wrong. For heartlessness is not what it takes for me to leave the trench. What I need is my own worthiness.

I gained worthiness by doing the right thing when the wrong seemed so much easier or profitable. I attained merit in my own mind when I stopped talking about other people’s woes. I am enjoying a life of self-esteem simply by doing esteemable things. And when you do this, I believe, it becomes impossible to remain down in the trench.

When I am worthy of stepping out of the trench and I know it in my heart, then what my friend does or does not do, is really not a factor for what I do. But when I am harboring hate, guilt or some other negative emotion, then my soul knows I am not worthy of stepping up. When this happens, it is much easier for me to say, “I can’t just leave my friend here in the trench!”

Today I can see that stepping up a rung on the ladder of life is not the same as leaving a friend behind. A friend who feels left behind, simply may not be ready for such work. Rest assured, my friend, I am not leaving you. Instead, I say, “Here’s my hand, holler when you need me.” I just hope you don’t let my arm stretch out too long.

Here’s to You, V!

I have more ideas for blogs than you can possibly imagine. Okay, I exaggerate, but my ideas are many. And can I tell you how I have planned? Countless hours spent planning, figuring, and planning some more, have left me with fifteen different sites to manage (no exaggeration) and a confused manager of it all. I refuse to look at it as a loss; however, I shall use what I can when I can and trust that I will know when that is. And what.

In the shell of a nut, beginning with the end in mind is not the answer for this project. Almost like I have painted a picture and am trying to make all the pieces fit in order to resemble that picture, well, this approach is not working for me. So now, another approach – one picture at a time. I shall write what comes to mind with whatever photo of the day I may choose.

So as far as I can see at the moment, there is no real order to my posts; read through them in any way you wish. This is truly an exercise in “letting it be and we shall see.” I have a feeling it will turn out a whole lot better than my plan, plan, plan. Like my cool cart that has evolved out of something V gave me. It sort of just “grew.”


The screen on my laptop broke and this television worked as a monitor. However, I needed to keep my laptop open, which it is, on the bottom of the top basket. Then I have 4 pvc pipes going across the basket above the laptop acting as a shelf, where I have a plastic bin containing all of my USB sticks and SD cards. Then there are the business card holders hanging, the basket full of electronics and my printer on the bottom.

Some things need to be well-planned out. Others are better when you simply allow them to take shape with each piece, placed one at a time as needed. My first piece to be placed in the “Here’s to You” category belongs to my BFF V, otherwise known as Viretta. Love you man! Can you believe what I have done with the cart?!