Put it on the Playlist

I have been telling others for the past few years how I do not watch much television, nor do I listen to the radio, and then someone said to me, “For a person who hardly has on the TV, you seem to see your share!” At first, I did not understand. Why would this person say I hardly had on the TV?

Later on, I realized that perhaps I had been a little misleading. More accurately, I should say I do not watch television channels, as I do watch content from the internet on my television quite frequently. In addition, I do not listen to radio stations, but either stream music through my TV and an auxiliary speaker or play old vinyl records in the game room.

After clarifying myself with some, one of my friends informed me that they, too, do this with their computer and television. For me, using my phone and television is much more convenient. Since sharing this with friends, some have supposed that a Smart TV would be required and were a bit surprised when I said, “No, you can do it without a Smart TV.” The catch? Something “smart” has to be hooked up to the TV, which, for us, is a BluRay Disc Player.

The device (or TV) also has to allow screen mirroring, as does the phone, of course. Not all smart phones do screen mirroring, or cast (another name for it). If it does, you should be able to find it in the Settings app. On my phone, after I am in Settings I select Display then Cast and then the device I want. Sometimes, there is no device listed and I have to tap the 3 dots in the corner for the menu and then select “enable wireless displays” before my television (or BluRay) will show up. Sometimes on the device (or TV) I have to go to Menu then Network then Screen Mirroring for it to work, other times I do not. Not sure why, nor do I really care why, so long as I can make it work.

Our TV can also be played through our Tailgater Flash speaker, which I can put anywhere within 100 feet of the source. When I am working around the house, I enjoy listening to motivational speakers and spiritual based principle stuff as well as the folks at The Clutter Fairy. To mix it up every now and then, I listen to music from Amazon Prime. I generally pick a playlist from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. I like that you can do a search for a particular song or band, like Reel Big Fish (seen in the picture above, which I took at the South Florida Fair in 2017). Sometimes I venture out into Greensky Bluegrass or Reggae, depending on my mood.

So there you have it – how we watch what we want when we want and without a cable bill. Somewhere around here you should see a link to my playlists on YouTube as well as a few of my favorite videos, in case you care to check them out. Also look for where you can tell me yours!