Ah,  the life of the Raffey’s – adventurous, exotic, and just the right amount of intrigue.

Most people find the drive out here adventurous enough, never mind trying to figure out which way to go up the driveway, if they make it this far. The sound of shotguns scare off some. And exotic – we have exotic literally right up our alley. How does a Kinkajou, Red Tegu Lizard and Patagonian Maras sound? Pretty exotic to me! You can see pictures of these and more exotics on our neighbor’s Instagram page, a link is located on the sidebar.

Providing the right amount of intrigue, we have quite a variety of bug life. Not bugs, but bug life. An educational microscope and a magnifying glass has turned my hysteria into a student. I asked a professional in the field to view my collection, which I thought for sure contained ten different types of strange bugs. He informed me that what I had there was a sample from about every life stage of beetle and cockroach. Talk about intriguing.

Every once in a while though, we are forced to leave our wonderful life here, west of Westlake, and do other stuff. Stuff like drive to Michigan or Oklahoma. Once we flew, too. We’ve been to two “Keys,” which were no where near each other – Cabbage Key and Marathon. And back in the day, we did lots of Disney.

About these things I wish to write, here at Raffey.Life.