As Susie Sees It on Social Media

It is amazing to me the studies I see on the effects of social media. And it’s funny to see them talking on the news about it’s negative effects, though they make sure to say to follow them on Facebook. Jumping ship from MySpace in 2008 to follow my friends over to Facebook, it did not take long for me to get hooked on FarmTown. Old school here, before FarmVille we’re talking, and the hours I wasted away on it every day would greatly bother me now. But back then, it mattered not to me my time-sucking ways, until I quit smoking and had to stop sucking more than just time. And if you want, you can read an old post about that here: As Susie Sees Facebook. To find me on Facebook, click here for Susie’s Write Solutions or here for Susie’s Right Solutions.

While taking a break from Facebook, I had ample time to learn other online tools. I found a fondness for Google+, where it is more about connecting with information and not so much the people who put it out there. I also like that you can file the stuff you share into “collections.” Name them whatever you want, make them public or private, or for just a few select people to see, it really has been a handy tool for me. Click here to connect with me on Google+.

My Twitter handle is @SusieRaffey and where I think I will place public photos, which you should see somewhere around here, depending the device you are using to view this blog.

While I have not been a regular visitor of LinkedIn for quite some time, I joined the site in 2009 and since then have had my moments, on and off.

Other sites I have joined and may wind up at from time to time include Pinterest, Flickr and Tumblr. I will come back and link to these sites at some other time.

When I am not busy writing or working in the office, I like to use my time at home to sort through this hoarding problem I have gotten into. I never realized how much I seriously lack the ability to make quick, effective decisions regarding the fate of stuff, until we found our home piled up with boxes and reduced to pathways. Although I insisted with a super-positive attitude that their stuff come here instead of a storage unit, it was nevertheless a bit overwhelming. I way underestimated the amount of stuff in the condo they sold, stuff that no one still is sure of what to do with.

The good news is, in a strange way, I have really enjoyed this journey. The psychology behind hoarding and it’s relation to O.C.D. has been fun for me to research. And enlightening – once I became aware of my difficulty making decisions about stuff, I was able to better address the issue. And I have made strides! Stay tuned for what’s to come for some of this stuff, much of which will be offered to others in need.