Susie Sells Seashells (and other stuff)

I prefer to think about it as sharing – I share with you the things I like, and what you like too, I can get for you!

From seashells we find on Ft. Myers Beach, to weird and wacky trinkets from the 70’s, I share these things along with any story to mind they bring, all of it up for sale. And my folks are probably saying, “What the – – – -!”

Yes mom, you will want to be sure and follow my blog, so that anything you really, really, really do not want to sell, you can flog. (Here’s to hoping I used that word right.)

An Independent AVON Sales Representative I am as well, which means the best beauty products, are what I sell. You can shop at my online store 24-hours a day, 7-days a week at  Direct delivery right to your door is free for orders $40 or more. Or, you can select delivery by me if you are local.

More information will follow about other stuff for sale.