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Whatever floats my boat is it, and much of the time it comes to me as we are floating in our boat – literally. Our trip to the Keys in 2013 initially inspired this blog, specifically The Story. “I can’t wait to tell about almost being stranded at sea,” I said to my husband on our way home. “You mean the way you see it,” Dave said. “Well of course!” I exclaimed.

I write about trips we have taken as well as everyday things like gardening, God and religion. I try to stay away from politics, as I do not care for the controversy that such subjects tend to create. I’d rather write about the neighbor’s ass and how I took a picture of it one day. I was driving down the street when I saw it and instantly grabbed my phone to take a pic. I mean, hey, it’s not everyday you see a donkey on it’s hind legs eating out of a trailer full of discarded vegetables. Someday, I will find the photo and post it.

Hundreds of thousands of photos I plan on posting, a majority of which have been handed down to us. Pictures of people from all sides of our families we have, going back several generations, some of them dated in the late 1890’s. Many of the people we know not. I, for one, would like to know more about most of these kin folk, as well as share all that we find.

My vision for this project is simple; whether it will work out as such, is uncertain. I have named it the “LIP Service Project,” which you will find in the categories section of this blog or at https://lipserviceproject.com. It is my hope that others will join me in sharing stuff to be passed-down, like memories that come to mind and stories related to the photos I post.

Other topics I write about here include love and fear and how they so easily affect my cheer. I write of good times and bad, and of when I am happy and sad. From time to time I like to rhyme. I blog about old things and new, like our son’s baseball mitt and my fit-bit.

I write about it. 

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